TUKI Design Co

A Kiwi company dedicated to providing life changing solutions for people with physical disabilities. 

Custom Designs  

Designed Specifically For The User 

The end user is placed at the center of our design process at TUKI. By consulting and reviewing designs with the user and occupational therapists we aim to meet the specific needs of the individual. 

Custom Contoured Backrest  

A TUKI Client came to our design team with the need for a new backrest. Distortion of the client’s spine meant that the shape of his back was irregular. The solution we proposed was a backrest that featured a custom cushion machined to fit the profile of the client’s back. Alongside the clients and occupational therapists we were able to measure up the dimensions and replicate them in CAD software. The cushion was then machined using CNC technology to form a cushion that provided the client with the perfect fit and maximum comfort.